European University Challenge 2022

June 22nd — July 6th 2022

the Challenge

Huawei European University Challenge is an annual competition across Europe.

As an industry leader in the information and communications technology infrastructure and smart devices industry, Huawei is eager to work with the next generation of innovative thinkers.


Mobile transfer speed prediction

The goal of the challenge is to predict the throughput (transfer speed) in mobile base stations for individual users, five seconds ahead.

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Who are invited
to participate

You are an undergraduate, Master's or PhD student. Students who graduated up to 2 years ago are also eligible

You are registered in with an institution in EU

You are studying engineering, mathematics, computing science or related fields



Compete with fellow participants in the competitive phase for money prizes in an exciting data challenge format


Exchange your solutions with your fellow participants in the open phase and watch how the blended score of the community improves


Learn data science from each other, especially during the open phase

Get hired

Make yourself visible and demonstrate your data science prowess to companies who are looking for fresh talents

Participate in the Challenge

Prize Pool

€ 7 000

for a first-rated result

€ 4 000

for a second-rated result

€ 2 000

for a third-rated result


April 29

Registration opens

June 21, 6pm

Opening Ceremony

June 22

Submission Deadline

July 6

Closing Ceremony


rules summary

Participants will sign up individually at this site and form teams of one to four persons for the challenge. Teams will have between June 21 and July 6 to submit their solutions, maximum one per day.

Members are eligible to this competition if they are registered currently or were registered and graduated not earlier than 2020 in a higher education institute in European Union.

All models will be trained on cloud servers with 8GB RAM per sumbission.

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Participants accept these rules automatically when signing up to the "Mobile transfer speed prediction" Data Challenge. Participation in the Challenge implies full acceptance without reservation of the present terms, the Challenge Rules, and the Platform Terms and Conditions. Personal data are subject to the Privacy Policy.


What is the sign-up process?

First, you need to create an account on the RAMP platform. Your sign-up request will be approved after you send your proof of student status and expected date of graduation to ( with a subject line "Huawei RAMP sign-up". Then, shortly before the start of the data challenge, you will need to join the corresponding event on the platform. Starting June 21 you can make submissions either individually or as a team.

How can I participate with a team?

All team members need to have an account on the RAMP platform and join the corresponding event. Then you can create a team via the corresponding interface. Note that you can only make submissions either individually or in a team, but not both. So if you made submissions on your own, you will not be able to join a team. And similarly, if your team has made submissions, you will not be able to exit the team to make individual submissions.

Something is not working on the RAMP platform.

Please ask questions in the following Slack channels,- #general: for general questions, including for instance the sign-up process- #installation-issues: for questions regarding how to use starting kit- #server-submissions: for any questions about, or issues with the RAMP platform

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