The RAMP story
The RAMP software packages (workflow and board) were started by the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science (CDS) to connect data science to domain sciences. The original aim was to make collaborative prototyping of machine learning workflows easy. The main domain of the original site is science: we solve the data analytics segment of high-impact science problems. We rapidly realized that RAMPs are equally valuable for training novice data scientists, networking and obtaining data on the way data scientists work and collaborate with each other, so the tool became a standard feature in data science courses at Ecole Polytechnique and in the DSSP ExecEd program.

When Balázs (one of the founder-developers) joined Huawei France as the leader of the Noah's Ark AI research lab, he started to work with HR and the AI researchers to build a second site, aimed at solving telecommunication AI problems. After two editions in 2019 and 2020, Huawei France decided to build a permanent site with the aim of running 3-4 money prize data challenges per year.
RAMP in science, education, and industry
RAMP challenge events
Highlighted scientific RAMP challenges
Highlighted industrial RAMP challenges
A complete list of existing RAMP challenges can be found in the RAMP starting kits Github organization.
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